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Our story began in 2018, when we saw something broken and decided to fix it.

We started as a media company, creating stories of people, and in their careers, we evolved until we wanted to create a platform that would help people donate to the causes they cared about. ‘Givinglife.com’ aims to ensure that anyone, regardless of where they are, can create campaigns or donate using any payment method, regardless of where they are at the time. Hope and trustworthiness are the key messages in the new logo. In keeping with the name of the brand, one of their most important values is giving a chance to those who are hopeless.

Givinglife is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to raise money for whatever your cause may be.

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Reliability, Hope, Competence, Trust, Professionalism

We designed this logo based on the concepts of hope, motivation, and opportunity. In order to emphasize givinglife.com’s guiding principle, the opportunity for a new life, we created a pictogram that evokes the idea of a spark (but also a star, ready to guide those who lack direction in their lives). This iconography is based on the idea that a fire cannot start without a spark. People’s donations will spark new life for hopeless people; givinglife.com will be the fire that will illuminate the darkness around them.